Khethiwe Gumede

UWC attended: Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa (Swaziland)

I was born and raised in the kingdom of Swaziland where I live with my mother and brother. From a very young age I have had a passion for the arts.   I love being creative, particularly as it relates to singing, songwriting, dance, writing, drawing, design—anything that I can do to use my imagination in creating something. Fortunately, I was also blessed with good reasoning ability or what you might call intelligence, and I have  excelled academically for as long as I can remember. I attended St. Michael’s School for ten years. Three of those years I was in an all girls boarding school. It was quite the experience!  It taught me how to be independent and to live with people other than my family.

In 2006, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Waterford Kamhlaba United World College (UWC) of Southern Africa. It was a place that helped open me to the world and shaped me into a more well-rounded person in life. In addition to academics, I was involved in an array of extracurricular activities and community service.  The IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum at Waterford Kamhlaba UWC was challenging, but it provided me valuable lessons on how to interact productively in an academic setting, how to be tolerant of the opinions of others and how to listen objectively. Understanding this has helped me better understand and appreciate my life experiences.

It is my hope that Lewis & Clark will be a place where I can grow and open myself to choices.  I am looking forward to the freedom of studying and learning in different fields, and not being limited to just one subject or setting. I already feel some comfort in seeing familiar faces from my secondary school.  Lewis & Clark is small enough and friendly enough that I won’t feel like one face in a crowd.

This is a wonderful chance for me.  I have had the dream of going to America since I was 12 years old.  Dreams do come true!