Irene Zoller Huete

UWC attended: United World College in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

I came into the world in the most beautiful ancient neighborhood in Granada (Spain), the Albaycin, where for centuries three cultures have lived in harmony. Since birth I have been surrounded by art and by artists. My father is a musician; my mother is a dancer and a painter. I grew up in a family that highly appreciates the arts, and probably because of my environment, I developed a love for and an endless interest in the arts.

 My passion for classical ballet started when I was only one year old, while dancing in circles and holding the hand of one of the first dancers of the National Cuban Ballet, who became my teacher when I turned 5. From that moment on, my free time has been occupied by dance, either classical or  contemporary. This passion has always been accompanied by an  unconditional love for lecture and visual arts.  My need for knowledge in the field seems to increase year by year and encourages me to pursue an education that will satisfy this need.

Going to the United World College in Mostar changed my life and my perception of the world completely. I interrupted my ballet career in order to enjoy the most amazing experience I have ever experienced. Far away from my family and friends I discovered a new concept of education and I shared it with an incredible community of teachers and students. By living in Bosnia and Herzegovina for two years I was enriched through many experiences, not just my own experiences, but those of my friends and classmates as well. 

 Now one period of my life is over.  It was a time of love, friendship, education and personal enrichment.  A new period is just beginning, this time at Lewis & Clark in Portland.  I look forward to the challenges and opportunities.