Majel Kong Bio Pic

Majel Kong

UWC attended: Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong

My name is Majel Kong and I will be a first year at Lewis & Clark College this fall. I was born and grew up in Banteaymeanchey (in the northwest part of Cambodia). Just like most parents in my town, my father sent to me a public school where I spent most of my time studying and trying to decide on what to major in at University. And then out of nowhere came the news about the United World College scholarships, which none of us were familiar with, and that is when I began my real life journey.

When I applied for the UWC scholarship, I was absolutely indecisive and reluctant. The selection process was way more competitively challenging than I thought it would be, and I thought I was not sufficiently qualified.  I am still glad that I did not turn down this once-in-a-life-time opportunity and I feel extremely fortunate that I had the chance to study at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (usually known as LPC). Well, perhaps it is not “perfect,” but it is a place like no other. Similar to other UWCs, Li Po Chun challenged me academically and in other personal ways, but it allowed me a chance to pursue my adventurous passion. More importantly, I was always encouraged to try new things, and ultimately I found out what some of my true interests were. I realized that I was very interested in hiking and cross-country—sports that were never part of my life before. And I was (and still am) interested in human trafficking and HIV/AIDS related issues. My inspiring “TeenAIDers” experience (a service that attempts to break down the stereotypes around HIV/AIDS and promotes awareness of this deadly virus) was a great and beneficial experience.

On top of everything I learned at LPC, I had great experiences with people. I met some truly amazing people. And, I had a chance to flourish, too.  It was a chance that has kept me on an educational path. Without that chance, I simply can not imagine where I would be. I certainly would not be joining the Lewis & Clark community now.

As I begin my new adventure at Lewis & Clark , I truly hope that I will experience all the excitement and challenges that I faced at LPC—and even more!