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Logo Signatures -

A logo signature is a distinctive combination of symbol and text that identifies a school, organization, or business. Its job is to make the viewer think instantly of the organization it represents.

Our four closely related logo signatures constitute the single most important element of our visual identity.

Each of our logo signatures consists of the Lewis & Clark shield in combination with specific text. They are registered service marks, and we do not modify them in any way.

A logo signature functions best when it is not crowded by other elements. We maintain open space equivalent to or greater than the width of the shield all the way around the logo signature. We do not surround it with any kind of border. 

For maximum effect, we use the logo signatures with restraint. We do not repeat them as a pattern, screen them back, print over them, or use them at a very large size. 

The logo signatures are designed to be reproduced in black and orange (as shown here), all black (no gray), or reversed to white on a dark background. We use no other colors or combinations in the logo signatures.

May I use a logo signature?

Probably yes. Use of an official logo signature makes Lewis & Clark more visible to your audience and helps to communicate the values and mission of the institution. We’re all for that. Its use, however, is not appropriate for all documents and applications, so we’ll need some information from you about your intent in order to make our decision. Please email Art Director Amy Drill with the following information:

  • a brief description of your project
  • any technical specifications, such as size, resolution, and file format
  • contact information (company name, contact name, and email address) of any outside vendor you plan to use for the project

We will make every attempt to respond within 48 business hours. If we can grant your request, we’ll include the appropriate art file(s) and clear instructions for use.

Why don’t we use the shield by itself?

The shield on its own isn’t immediately recognizable to many of our audiences. (The Nike swoosh it is not.) Most people need the information provided by the text element of the logo signature in order to associate the symbol with Lewis & Clark.