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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

Helena Zi Huey Lam

Economics and Mathematics

Academic Year:


Countries lived in:

ISLC Board positions previously held:
Chairperson of Publicity

- Why I am interested in this specific position, and what assets I could bring to the  ISLC board and students in our community? 
One of my biggest visions as part of the ISLC is to truly bring together international students and American students in the Lewis & Clark community. I really enjoy interacting with both groups of students and would love to help foster a strong integration of the two. Being the ISLC representative to ASLC would open me to the invaluable opportunity to listen to the voices on both sides and expose me to deeper understandings of the life and happenings around both groups of students, thereby allowing me to contribute in creating more efficient communications across student groups.

- My role of the ISLC in the Lewis & Clark community, and how could it be different? What I would like to see to be done? 
ISLC is a really important student organization that provides resources and support for international students. It also bears the vitally important role in bridging the gap between international students and American students. By organizing different events, whether small or big, the ISLC builds the platform for beneficial and productive interactions among students of different backgrounds, races, religions, etc. Currently the ISLC is responsible for several of the biggest events on campus. However, I think there is still a big room for involvement. Specifically, I expect to see novel ideas of how the ISLC can attract more involvement of American students.

- My ideal administrative board. 

The ideal administrative board would be one in which there is efficient communications among each other. While there should be a great amount of openness and respect for exchange of ideas, there should be clear consistency among the administrative board when delivering message to the rest of the board members.

- My leadership experience organizing activities or events.
During my gap year I have had multiple experiences in leading a group of part-time workers in several exhibitions, including one of the biggest annual international exhibitions. I was responsible for coordinating the time schedules of part-time workers. During the exhibition itself, I promoted the business of the company I represented to visitors from around the globe. It has been a very influential experience for me as it was my very first experience in being the ‘bridge’ between cultures. I also volunteered to be the NSO leader earlier this year, and enjoyed meeting new international students and helping them to prepare for their exciting new life here. Most of all, being the Chairperson of Publicity of ISLC this year, I have gained experiences and insights in issues associated with the international student body. These experiences have all prepared me with relevant skills to be the ISLC Representative to ASLC.

-My Statement
Hello, my name is Helena Zi Huey Lam. I am running to be the next ISLC Representative to ASLC. I have served on the ISLC Board as a Chairperson of Publicity in the year 2014/2015, in which I worked on promoting activities and events of the ISLC to the student body, as well as cooperating with other board members in creating and organizing these activities and events. I am committed to fostering a platform of efficient communications and exchange among international and American students. I would like to bring the ISLC to the LC community through more outreach and make the ISLC a dedicated and positive member on campus. I deeply believe that by uniting the student body, what we together can achieve is beyond limits. Thank you for your vote.



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