David Oehler

Office Administrator

General office support, newsroom, magazine class notes

David moved to Portland from California in 2011 to work toward an English degree at Lewis & Clark, which he finally received in 2014. The prospect of life elsewhere was clearly quite terrifying to him, but thankfully he managed to secure his job as office administrator for Public Affairs and Communications, after having spent several semesters there as a student worker.

David answers the phones and the emails; he makes sure you get your stationery, and that PubCom pays their bills. Come to David with any questions, PubCom related or otherwise.

While he was a student, David enjoyed participating as a performer on the L&C Improvised Comedy team, and most of his friends were theater geeks.

In his free time David is generally:

  • Getting confused for a student.
  • Explaining to people what the “weather up there” is like.
  • Immersed in some outlandish “science fiction” type novel.
  • Pining over the latest, greatest part on the market for his home computer.
  • Half-singing to the insane music on his headphones while walking through public spaces.
  • Being huffy due to something ignorant/ foolish he read on the internet.

David’s very proud and very glad to be working at Lewis & Clark, and he looks forward to hearing from you! Email him at: doehler@lclark.edu, or give him a call at 503-768-7970.