Emina Ema Ibisevic

Emina Ema Ibisevic

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2019

Hello! My name is Emina Ema and I grew up in one beautiful, small country called Bosnia and Herzegovina. Regardless of its size, my country has it all. From vast flat land to the highest mountains to wild rivers and the still sea; but most of all, my country has people with big hearts. This was all destroyed and disrupted by a war that ended 20 years ago. Seeing the suffering in my people caused by the unwillingness of the government to cope with infrastructure problems, made me wish for better education, so one day I can make a change.


This led me to UWC in Mostar. It wasn’t a “picture perfect” school where everything was served to you. I had to work hard to achieve my set goals. The difference was that I didn’t mind the hard work at any point. However, the utmost experience of UWCiM were people around me that made me stretch my limits and gave me space to step out of my comfort zone in a very safe way.


Lewis & Clark College seems like a place where I can finally be myself. My behavior, mindset and attitudes were always neglected by society and I wished so hard to be at a place where people are just enjoying other people. Portland and Lewis and Clark as a part of that community just make a perfect environment for me and that’s why I chose this college.


Throughout my life I learned about many issues that citizens are facing due to inefficient infrastructure. Wishing to gain enough skills to address these issues, I would like to study politics, gender studies or business management.


I can drink tea or coffee all the time every day and coming from Slavic culture, I drink it for hours. This is always better if I have a chance to do it with other people. I am a big lover of people and their stories. Also, I am always up for travelling: wherever and whenever.