Uwella Rubuga

UWC attended: Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa (Swaziland)
Class Year: Class of 2019

Hello there! My name is Uwella and I’m from Tanzania. One of my greatest interests is travelling. I love going to different places in Tanzania as well as travelling to other countries. I never get tired of it! Due to this strong passionate desire to possibly travel around the whole world, my parents promised to let me go to the U.S if I passed incredibly well in my final O-level exams. You have no idea how hard I worked for those exams! The hard work paid off and I went to the U.S in 2011. Based on that academic performance, I also went to Sweden in 2012 along with four other students from my school for a student exchange program. Nevertheless, I received a scholarship to go to Waterford Kamhlaba, the Southern African UWC in Swaziland. This was honestly the beginning of the most exhilarating journey in my life.

At Waterford, I mostly enjoyed engaging in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, hiking and the like because I relish being extremely adrenalized. These activities also brought us students from different countries together and that was very important to me. It helped me to easily interact with others and deeply understand various cultures. Being at Waterford also gave me a delightful opportunity to travel to Southern African countries such as South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Mozambique with friends and teachers for academic projects, sports, outdoor trips and sometimes just for fun. It was remarkably amazing!

The College Outdoors program at Lewis & Clark is the greatest factor that made me consider attending the college. I’m truly looking forward to being exposed to the stunning outdoor environments of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest region in general. Moreover, I am very eager to learn new outdoor activities such as sea kayaking and cross-country skiing that I have never done before. I just can’t wait!

On the other hand, my academic interests are in Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Geography. These academic interests are strongly leading me to think that I may major in Computer Science and/or Economics at Lewis & Clark. I’m considering a major in Computer Science because I want to learn various information technologies and software skills. I believe these skills will enable me to effectively contribute in the improvement of economic and social developments of many societies, especially in African rural areas. Hopefully, those skills may lead me to discover efficient ways to deliver essential information on education, health and agriculture to societies without any access to the internet, thus fostering their development. With more skills that I will learn through a major or a minor in Economics, I believe my dream to get a career which will contribute in the developments of various societies and countries will come true.

In conclusion, what I hope to accomplish at Lewis & Clark is graduating with an incredible undergraduate degree that will assure me the ability to be successfully self-employed if I choose to follow that path (of self-employment). I also hope to develop a strong relationship with students and faculty from all cultural backgrounds so that we may be able to work together in various activities even after graduating from Lewis & Clark.