Gabriela Maria Kalla

UWC attended: Mahindra United World College of India
Class Year: Class of 2019

I like to see my life as if it started when I was 16 and I left Poland to live on a hippie-hill, in Mahindra UWC of India. It’s not like I didn’t like my life before this event, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it to the same extent. I was just ‘one of many’ grey individuals with a fear of fulfilling my own dreams. As a young girl, who was smart enough to attend a great school in Poland, I decided to take this risk, leave all my friends and family, and finish my education in India, 9,000 km away from home. Yet, I have experienced an incredible world which after two years could be called ‘home,’ too. I feel very lucky, considering that there are 100 million homeless people out there, that I can have two ‘homes.’ Homes that are always open and welcoming, filled with many memories.

And now, I have decided to make another decision. A decision to leave Poland, not to study in Europe or Asia, but to come to a new continent and study at Lewis & Clark College. It all started when all of us, 120 students on campus, started thinking and talking about colleges. In the beginning I had no idea what the whole process looked like. I was so confused and so scared. Then someone told me about LC. I wasn’t really considering in going to the US at all, but after researching this college, I basically fell in love with it. UWC gave me so much. A multicultural environment, beautiful Indian sunsets, deep and holistic discussions and wild, crazy experiences. I was scared I couldn’t have it anywhere else, but the truth is that such societies can be created by all of the students anywhere. After my research, LC happened to be the solution, a perfect continuation of my life. A beautiful green environment with a forest, compilation of cultures, possibility of focusing on my interests and developing more of them. A totally different world with the possibilities of unforgettable experiences.

I have always been interested in Biology and Chemistry. That’s why I’m interested in majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This is all I ever wanted and I’m glad I can have it at LC. Apart from school, I have lot of interests, which are extremely diverse. Some of them developed after meeting many inspirational people in UWC, such as playing guitar. I play keyboard and I love to draw. In my free time I always workout, run or read (especially comics).

What I’ve learnt very recently is that all of us have certain aims in life. Sometimes we do not know them and we need time in order to discover them. I needed 16 years to understand how much I love to travel. I went to India where I could observe a very different culture. I have visited few European countries, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Hungary, mostly as a tourist, or rather, traveler. I also visit Germany on a regular basis, since I have family there. I had the opportunity to be an intern in a German hospital, which improved my language skills and helped me to understand the culture there. I’m still looking forward to visit more countries. Next stop? United States of America.

I have ‘high hopes’ when it comes to LC. I hope that I’ll get a great education. I hope I’ll learn about a new culture. I hope I’ll meet new friends who will make me happy. I hope I’ll develop in many different areas in life. But if I had to say only one thing then it would be having hope of spending the most amazing years of my life in this college. So, I’m going on an adventure!