Man Yee Mah

UWC attended: Li Po Chun United World College
Class Year: Class of 2019

Hi everyone, I am Jocelyn Mah from Hong Kong. As a typical city dweller in HK, I am proud of HK’s unique ‘East meets West’ cultures. During my free time, I love hiking, swimming, rowing, doing yoga, reading and watching movies.

Transferring from a traditional girls’ school to Li Po Chun UWC is the best decision I have ever made because I have gained many remarkable and unforgettable experience through its transformative education. I think my LPCUWC experience wouldn’t be complete without Coral Monitoring, which is a community service I do that has had a significant impact on me. It gave me the courage and motivation to learn to swim. Therefore, the transition from a non-swimmer to a scuba diver means a lot to me because I overcame my fear of water and challenged myself. Moreover, it enabled me to learn many fascinating things about marine biology, inspired me to protect the ocean and to raise people’s awareness of marine conversation. During Project Week in Malaysia, I had countless memorable moments with my friends and was amazed by the stunning marine creatures I saw.

In addition, the school life at LPCUWC was very dynamic and vigorous. Studying in a boarding school with students from all over the world was just marvelous because I got numerous hands-on experiences, which expanded my knowledge about the world, and various cultures. Over the 2 years, I had the privilege of learning about myself and obtaining more skills at LPCUWC. I truly appreciate that UWC has offered me many opportunities to learn new things and extend my potential.

When applying for colleges, I saw a beautiful poster of Lewis & Clark College outside my university counselor’s office and was immediately attracted by its impressive campus. After learning more about the school, I became interested in it and applied. It was a surprise for me when I receive the notification letter. Portland is a great city; hence I am really excited about coming to Portland and meeting new people there. I have a variety of interests, especially for languages, so I will probably continue studying French, which I have learned for 2.5 years, and also explore more about psychology at L&C. As I have never been to the US, I look forward to widening my horizons and gaining many more interesting experiences at L&C.