Lejla Krecinic

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2019

You know that a real life starts when you step out of your comfort zone, far away from home, family and friends. Then the things called the new beginning and new life start. I had such a beginning when I came to the United World College in Mostar two years ago. I met new people from different countries all over the world who has brought parts of their traditions, cultures and customs. Their cultures have become a part of my culture and we became family. From that time, I have one more place that is called home. Those amazing people are my best memory and something I will never forget. You share simply everything with them. From food, clothes, books to emotions, late night crying, tough periods, happiness…it was easier to overcome IB, crazy deadlines, exams, and homesickness with them. So all those things I have mentioned are the reason for them being the most important part of my UWC experience.

When I typed into Google the name of the college that I got from my University counselor, I was amazed. After the first visit of the official page I knew that I will apply and Lewis and Clark has become my dream choice. It seems as a perfect environment to spend the next four years and experience new things. But, I would put great academics and stuff as the most important preference for me.

I have decided to major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I can say it is a very important decision, as it will direct my future in a way that my profession is already determined. From the beginning of my education I was showing a tendency towards natural sciences. Also, during my two years at the United World College, the major subjects for me were biology and chemistry, meaning that I spent a lot of hours working in the labs but also studying science outside the classroom.

Through my education I always had a will to do more and be actively engaged in extracurricular activities. I have always been aware of how important the academic segment of education is, but that should not be the only focus. Hosting a radio show on the local radio station was the first responsibility I accepted. With my two friends I was editing and hosting an ecology show once a week. It turned out to be a good start and a way to learn more about duties which are important and have to be done in time no matter how many other things you have on your plate. Last year I got an opportunity to become a member of a newly established youth organization in my town. Today I am a part of a group of young people striving to bring changes in their environment. We decided to start an organization with the aim to engage youth in sport activities, cultural events and organize educational courses. I became a board member and have participated in organization of numerous events. As a member of the “Youth Club under the Same Sun” I participated in many workshops. All those seminars covered a huge variety of topics, such as discrimination, position of women in the society, sexual and reproductive health, and corruption. During one of the workshops, people from an organization for the protection of sexual and reproductive health offered me the chance to become their educator and work with youth in primary and high schools in my town.