Joyness Byarugaba

UWC attended: Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (Canada)
Class Year: Class of 2019

My name is Joyness Byarugaba and I’m from the United Republic of Tanzania.

I am quite shy but talkative at times.

I went through boarding school since kindergarten except for in grades 5 & 6.

There are two children in my family and my younger brother is the sweetest person on earth.

I love series especially Spanish novellas and Korean drama.

That’s just a portion of me but I think my personality has been greatly shaped in the last two years when I attended school at Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific. I joined Pearson as a little girl excited to study abroad and left as a woman full of greater realization, perspectives, consideration and appreciation. What I loved about Pearson is the unexplainable trust and belief placed unto us the students. It is at Pearson that I learnt to believe that in my position there are positive changes I can make to make my community and world better.

I think Lewis and Clark is a great continuation for Pearson because I could see the great sense of community, thirst for knowledge and understanding, and the belief in education beyond classrooms. I think I might study Economics and Psychology while at Lewis and Clark. I am very excited to join the LC community and the multicultural community within LC. With this excitement I am very open to the experiences I will have at Lewis and Clark and I believe they will be worthwhile.

Asanteni sana (Thank you very much)