Amy Drill

Art Director

Years at L&C: 26

My Job: I get to work with the great team that is PubCom and my role is primarily about creating or art directing the visuals that get realized in a variety of media (aka graphic design). I also coordinate print production, art direct marketing photography, and oversee logo usage.

Diversions: Painting and experimenting with printmaking, reading, calligraphy, gardening, knitting, playing cards, travel, listening to audiobooks (when I’m commuting), and watching (or eagerly awaiting a new season of) “The Crown”.

Passion: My family—husband Darin and daughter Faith—our parents, siblings, cousins, etc. … they are our social life and we love it. 

Fall activity that I need to get back to (when it’s safe): Soup Sunday. We used to host a Sunday dinner each week (or nearly each week) serving our favorite soups, and a wonderful and incredibly easy homemade bread (happy to share, send me an email). It’s usually low stress and very enjoyable. It makes me stretch because I’m an introvert, and I prefer baking over cooking.

Current book for me: “While Justice Sleeps” by Stacey Abrams
Current bookclub book: “A Plague of Doves” by Louise Erdrich

Location: McAfee