Executive Director of Public Affairs and Communications Joe Becker.

Joe Becker

Associate Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications

Joe has been telling stories since he was old enough to make sounds. (And writing them since he could grip a pencil.) Today, in addition to telling tales about himself, Joe thrives on helping others communicate their best stories in the best way possible. Since he joined PubCom in 2001, Joe has enjoyed the privilege of sharing with others the best of Lewis & Clark.

Joe grew up in Pennsylvania’s verdant—at least by East Coast standards—Lehigh Valley and headed south to study public policy at Duke University. After he received his undergraduate degree, he transformed his work-study job into a seven-year stint editing and marketing trade and scholarly books at Duke University Press.

With his wife, an almost-native Oregonian, Joe moved west in 2000 to pursue a JD at Lewis & Clark Law School. He soon decided that the law wasn’t quite right for him, but that Lewis & Clark was. And, so, here he is.

Joe would love to hear your story.

Location: McAfee