Laura Shier

AES Director

Albany 104F, MSC: 125

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Welcome to AES and Lewis & Clark.  I have been working in the ESL field for over twenty-five years as a teacher and an administrator, and I am very happy to be the Director of AES. It is a wonderful job because it allows me to interact with people from all over the world, and I get to work on a beautiful campus! As a TESOL professional, I specialize in reading. I encourage students to use reading as a means to develop proficiency in English. I enjoy creating content courses about leadership, community, and service learning through an intercultural lens. I am passionate about helping students discover their own motivation to succeed and develop as lifelong learners.

I grew up in Wisconsin, but after years of travel, study, and work, I settled here in Portland, where I have been since 1994. I know the challenges of living in another country and learning the language. I and the other AES teachers and staff are here to support you in this important opportunity you have chosen to take!

Additional Information

Academic Background

  • MA, Applied Linguistics, 1989, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • BA, English, 1985, University of Wisconsin
  • Certificate in Management, Training and Development, 1998, Portland State University

Location: Albany