Badral Batbold

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2020

I personally think that being away from your home, family, friends and basically everything that makes your comfort zone, indicates that it is time to take care of yourself. In brief, it means your life begins. I consider myself fortunate and lucky to have been accepted to United World College and have the opportunity to build and develop myself as a global citizen. Living with people from all around the world under one roof called UWC, facing and learning about different cultures, and showing as well as teaching them about my own tradition and culture was a great experience. The community really made us close and become more than just friends.  It made us one big family.   Similarly, I believe that Lewis & Clark College will be my third home away from home where I can continue to build myself and be myself around people from different backgrounds.  Apart from the education at L&C, I really like the environment that awaits me.  It looks and seems not so different from my UWC experience and environment which I loved so dearly.

As far as academics are concerned, I have no doubt that I will earn education that is globally accepted at Lewis & Clark College.   I was always interested in mathematics, hence I plan to major in something related to and with the base of mathematics such as mathematics, computer science, economics, etc…  I can see myself solving problems in my life and trying to find the mysterious ‘x’ and solve the never ending mystery between x, y and z.   Although this might sound geeky and stereotypically asian, I also like other things such as sports.  In fact, I love sports a lot.  I cannot really play any sports at the professional level, or anything near it, but I always like trying out.  Among all the sport games, my most favorite one is basketball and I try spending my free time playing it with friends.

When people see me first, they might think I am just one of those Asians and especially if I major in mathematics, I know I will automatically fall into the stereotypical category.  I do not deny it, it is true I am Asian but more than being called Asian, I say I am Mongolian.  I am from a country which once had the biggest empire in the world and I am a representation of a country that has a rich history.  I would like people to know and learn who this teenage boy from a country that not many know so well is. I want people to know that I’m just like them and not barbarian as people think we are because of history. I believe there is so much in me that people will find different and unique.   I also want myself to be a good and right representation of my people.   I like learning about other cultures and traditions; hence I think I should also get good at delivering not just receiving.  Because I think that languages are the bridges to other cultures and traditions, I like to learn other languages even though I am not so good at it.  It is also great to be able to speak the language when traveling because I do not like being seen as a tourist.  I did not travel much around the globe and I always regret not traveling enough while studying abroad during my UWC years.  Yet, I still have a lot of time ahead of me, so I plan to travel as much as I can and my wallet lets me.   I am always up for travelling because it will let me experience and learn new things and most importantly help me find myself.

In addition to the few things I mentioned here about myself, during my time at Lewis & Clark College, I hope to accomplish my set goals and become well mannered, educated and an open minded person.