Eirini Gounopoulou

UWC attended: United World College of Costa Rica
Class Year: Class of 2020

Hello, my name is Eirini Agapi Gounopoulou and I am from Greece.   In general, I am a very talkative and smiling person, especially when I get nervous (which happens a lot).  Since I can remember myself, there hasn’t been something I wanted more than to travel the whole world and meet new cultures. I may have yet to travel the world but thanks to UWC Costa Rica, I got the opportunity to live in a campus full of witty individuals from all over the globe.

During the past two years that I spent in UWCCR, I was “forced” by the circumstances to become independent, responsible and get out from my comfort zone. Throughout this journey, I particularly enjoyed the beautiful Costa Rican sunsets and all the random midnight talks I had in UWCCR. However, what I mostly enjoyed was the people I met that made this place and experience memorable.

Upon considering Lewis & Clark, I was impressed by its balanced academic curriculum and globalized environment, ideally located in Portland.  This fortunate combination of excellent academics and a small community put Lewis & Clark College as one of my top choices.

Even though I haven’t quite decided yet, I am thinking of double majoring in Economics and Law. For now, I wish to explore more aspects of International Economics, being myself nationally involved in the international economic scene. As for Legal Studies, I am particularly interested in the International Criminal Law.

In my free time, I love listening to music and/or reading a classic book. My favourite one is Crime and Punishment by F. Dostoyevsky. I am also very passionate of learning new languages. I am planning on learning Italian soon.

At Lewis & Clark, I hope to fulfill any goal I might set for myself and to meet more amazing people that will challenge my mindset.

 ¡Pura Vida!