Zafar Ali

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2020

I was born in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. I got my initial education from there before moving to Karachi in December 2009 due to bad situation of law and order. We lost our home, property and everything. In mega city of Karachi, searching for a school was the first thing. We lived in rural slums of Karachi and I enrolled in The Citizen Foundation school who provide free education to kids from poor families in underprivileged areas. I graduated from the school with a silver medal and then made my way to United World Colleges on a scholarship. After many hardships and hard work, I one day was admitted to Lewis & Clark College. Of all, this was the biggest good news yet for me.

UWC offers a very unique environment for learning within and outside the class. What I liked most about it was that it challenged you in many ways. Each time you would have to push yourself and work harder. Everything looked easy and there were smiles all around you but within this environment you questioned and wrestled with ideas and questions that ranged from one’s self to international relations and why we celebrate many things or what makes us different. Whether you were with your roommate or in a class, you always learned and you learned well.

Many Colleges claim to honor diversity, personal growth, unique stories and unique goals, to have those on their campuses who respect learning and knowledge more than any thing else. Unfortunately this is not true about many. About Lewis & Clark, I truly can say that it does all this with provision of a great liberal arts education in a diverse community of talented students. And I am happy that I knew this about this College.

I think I will major in Political Science. Every thing in a society is connected to its politics. Its politics being how the institutions work and how is something pursued and that’s what makes me interested in Politics. Because it affects everything directly or indirectly that happens in any society.

I like playing cricket, reading books or just being on my laptop searching a range of things and getting to know new stuff.

The only way I ever want people to know me is a person who is obsessed with social change and a better future for many that suffer in our societies. When there are few with much and many with little, there is division in society between those who enjoy every charm of life and those who are deprived of their basic rights. My aim is to diminish such differences. This is all I have ever dreamed for.

I studied in a high school in Bosnia and Herzegovina and went to Croatia for a week for volunteering. Other than this I haven’t traveled much in other countries mainly because of financial constraints.

I hope to maintain a good academic record at Lewis & Clark and contribute towards the society I live in as much as I can. I would like to be involved in the things that happen on campus and to be connected and informed about the things that happen in our World. I consider it essential that we know what is happening around us and why. Finally I hope that my education at Lewis & Clark will enable me to bring about the much needed change in my society- the change of system or the way things work.