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Templeton Campus Center

  • Templeton Campus Center
    Templeton Campus Center
  • Templeton Campus Center
    Templeton Campus Center
  • Templeton Campus Center
    Templeton Campus Center
  • Templeton Campus Center
    Templeton Campus Center
  • Sculpture in the Interior Courtyard of Templeton Campus Center
    Sculpture in the Interior Courtyard of Templeton Campus Center

Templeton Campus Center

The three-story Templeton Campus Center serves as a common gathering place. It’s home to dining rooms; student government and student media (radio station, newspaper, and annual student publications); the bookstore, mail room, career center, and computer labs; and most of the offices providing direct services to students, including those for campus living, College Outdoors, financial aid, health and counseling services, inclusion and multicultural engagement, international students and scholars, the registrar, student activities, student and departmental account services, and student leadership and service. 

Closest Parking Lots: I (Lower Templeton), H (Akin), J (Howard)

  • ATM
  • Bon Appétit Office
  • Bookstore
  • Campus Living
  • Career Center
  • College Outdoors
  • Conference and Event Planning
  • Council Chamber
  • Counseling Service (no access from interior)
  • Dubach Mac Lab
  • Dubach PC Lab
  • Fields Dining Room
  • Financial Aid
  • Health Service (no access from interior)
  • Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement
  • International Students and Scholars
  • Mail Room
  • Stamm Dining Room
  • Thayer Conference Room
  • Trail Room Café
  • Undergraduate Registrar
  • Undergraduate Student Activities
  • Undergraduate Student Government (ASLC)
  • Undergraduate Student Leadership and Service
  • Undergraduate Student Media
  • Undergraduate Student Organizations
  • Veterans Services

Templeton Events

November 17th, 2018

  • 12:00am: First Aid Scenarios on Campus This Weekend
    College Outdoors is hosting a Wilderness First Responder class for 30 people, from Saturday, Nov. 18th through Sunday, Nov. 19th near Templeton and on various parts of campus. This course will include first aid scenarios with stage makeup and mock-rescues.
    until November 18
  • All Day: Columbia Gorge Waterfall Hike #2

    Trip sign-up begins: Friday, October 26 at 9:00am

    Pre-Trip Meeting: Tuesday, November 13 at 4:45pm

    Come join us on an excursion to see some of the Gorge’s lesser known falls and take in the autumn scenery. The natural power and beauty of these waterfalls has to be seen to be believed. Plus, getting there is half the fun- we’ll roam the trails of the Gorge with plenty of time to stop and enjoy the view.

  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding at Sunset in Florida All Day: Explore the Ecology of Florida Waters - Registration OPEN!
    Thursday, January 10th - Saturday, January 19th, 2019
    Learn more & register with College Outdoors in Temp 244
  • All Day: WFR Hybrid Recertification

    Sign-up is first paid first served, beginning August 29 9:00am

    Pre-Trip Meeting: None

    This hybrid format recertification course blends online learning with 2 days of scenarios. It is designed as review and practice of evacuation and decision making guidelines. It also provides wilderness medicine practitioners with current updates in the wilderness medicine field. This course may be used to recertify Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness EMT (wilderness portion only) certifications.

    Fee for this course covers tuition, books, and first aid materials for the scenarios. Students provide their own meals and lodging.
    until November 18
  • Mark R. Smith and Maria T.D. Inocencio  I Used to Think I Knew Everyone (detail)  2017  muslin, p... All Day: Maria T.D. Inocencio and Mark R. Smith: Loss of Material Evidence
    Loss of Material Evidence comprises work resulting from an ongoing conversation between collaborators and life partners, Maria T. D. Inocencio and Mark R. Smith, about the aging and passing of their parents. Through new work created specifically for this exhibition—some works made collaboratively and others made by the individual artists—Inocencio and Smith investigate the dispersion and disposal of material possessions—long associated with specific experiences or periods of time—from their family homes. The exhibition will examine topics such as loss, remembrance, legacy, the passage of time, and the making of art as a means to process grief through abstract visual language.
    until December 9