Agnes Flanagan Chapel

Flanagan Chapel

Agnes Flanagan Chapel, one of the largest indoor spaces at Lewis & Clark, seats 460 and features an 85-rank Casavant pipe organ. Designed by prominent Pacific Northwest architect Paul Thiry, the distinctive building features outdoor sculptures by Chief Lelooska, a renown artist and cultural figure of Cherokee descent who had ties to several North American Indian tribes. The structure is a popular venue for performances, presentations, religious services, and other campuswide activities. The ground level houses the Office of Spiritual Life and the Ombuds Office.

Closest Parking Lots: G (Campus Safety), F (Pamplin), H (Akin)

Campus Map

  • Office of Spiritual Life
  • Ombuds Office


Office of Spiritual Life, Ombuds Office


McKenna Teigland in Conferences and Events emailed us 7/16/20 with these corrections:

1. It states that the AF Chapel can seat (600), but it can only seat (460).
2. It states that the AF Chapel restrooms are gender-neutral, but they are still split male/female.