Ray Matlock Smythe MAT ’75

Posted 05/18/2022

Ray Smythe MAT ’75 writes Coping With Grief: My Personal Journey of Learning to Overcome Sorrow. In this book, he reflects on how to navigate sorrow following the death of a loved one. He hopes to motivate readers to live a full life after loss. Self-published, 2022. 92 pages.

Posted 09/25/2017

Ray Smythe MAT ’75 wrote and published A View From the Porch (CreateSpace, 2017), a collection of short compositions, observations, and reactions to the world today. The book is intended to instill positivity and help readers to find meaning and clarity in life.

Posted 01/23/2017

Ray Matlock Smythe MAT ’75 compiled a book full of ideas for teachers at all grade levels. It includes successful strategies, hints, and tips to use in their classrooms all year long.