Ray Matlock Smythe


My Life After Loss: A Resource for Gay Men Moving Forward 

Ray Smythe MAT ’75, after losing his partner of 49 years, penned a book to help other gay men move forward. He notes that there is a critical need for literature to help men who have lost their partners. His book provides “lifelines of insights to help gay men move ahead into the future with confidence, strength, and hope.” Self-Published, 2023. 99 pages.


Ray Smythe MAT ’75 spent his teaching career in the David Douglas School District of Portland, Oregon. He is the author of seven books, the latest of which, Coping With Grief–My Personal Journey of Learning to Overcome Sorrow, was inspired by the tragic loss of his lifetime partner of 49 years. It’s been embraced by those who are similarly navigating their grief. Smythe also has been writing a column for the Desert Sun in Palm Springs, California, for more than 20 years. He personally lives by Robert Byrne’s words, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

Posted 05/18/2022

Ray Smythe MAT ’75 writes Coping With Grief: My Personal Journey of Learning to Overcome Sorrow. In this book, he reflects on how to navigate sorrow following the death of a loved one. He hopes to motivate readers to live a full life after loss. Self-published, 2022. 92 pages.

Posted 09/25/2017

Ray Smythe MAT ’75 wrote and published A View From the Porch (CreateSpace, 2017), a collection of short compositions, observations, and reactions to the world today. The book is intended to instill positivity and help readers to find meaning and clarity in life.

Posted 01/23/2017

Ray Matlock Smythe MAT ’75 compiled a book full of ideas for teachers at all grade levels. It includes successful strategies, hints, and tips to use in their classrooms all year long.