Zach Mann


Zach Mann BA ’05, a filmmaker, was a producer for 1-800-HOT-NITE, which was shown at the Portland Film Festival in 2022. The film follows a young boy, orphaned during a drug raid, as he escapes into the city with his two friends. Nick Richey BA ’05 wrote and directed the film.


Zach Mann BA ’05 produced the film Low Low, written and directed by Nick Richey BA ’05. The film tells the story of four young women as they come to terms with the onset of adulthood and deal with their lives in underprivileged homes in Vancouver, Washington. It was screened at Portland’s Living Room Theater in September 2019 and has garnered positive reviews in the Los Angeles Times and Variety. The Times’ Noel Murray called it “a strong debut” that “shows a real compassion and understanding for these women.”


Zach Mann BA ’05 produced a short film titled Birthday Boy, which Andrew Saunderson BA ’07 wrote and directed. Currently on the festival circuit, the film has been screened at the Las Vegas Film Festival, the Utah Arts Festival, the Atlanta Shortsfest, and the Rahway International Film Festival.