Jackson Shea


Jackson Shea BS ’89, when not busy playing with his 18-month-old grandson, works as an IT architect with a focus on storage technologies for IBM. He also heads up the Portland and S.W. Washington Alumni Chapter and has just been appointed to Lewis & Clark’s Board of Alumni.


Jackson Shea BS ’89, who has worked at IBM almost 10 years, still appreciates his liberal arts education from L&C, which has given him a different perspective on tech and society. It also gives him cool advice to share with his son as he prepares to graduate from the University of Oregon this summer.


Jackson Shea BS ’89 and his wife, Toni, have two kids: a 20-year-old son attending the University of Oregon and a 21-year-old daughter living in Seaside, Oregon. Shea works in enterprise storage for IBM and recently went to Mexico City for a month to perform pro bono work through IBM’s Corporate Service Corps. Shea credits his philosophy and communications work at Lewis & Clark for helping with his career, since, he says, “I took no computer science classes and failed calculus when I took it at Lewis & Clark (aced it after L&C but never bothered getting a computer science degree).” Locally, he has helped out at the Mount Hood Kiwanis Camp for the developmentally disabled.