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Laura Mundt BA '91

  • 02/15/2017

    Laura Mundt BA ’91 works at Lewis & Clark, coordinating the student Counseling Service and the Student Health Insurance Program, as well as supporting the other wellness services on campus. She has been in this role for about a year and a half. Previously, she worked as the L&C community friends coordinator, matching international students with local hosts. (If you live near Portland and would like to be a local friend to an international student, please let her know!) She finds it a pleasure to be back on campus on a daily basis and must admit she sometimes find herself in a time warp when her eyes play tricks on her, and she imagines seeing students from her era on campus. Her husband, Anthony Paolucci BA ’91, is in his 18th year at NetApp, a data storage company based in the Bay Area. Their daughter, Tomlin, is in her senior year of high school and has submitted her college applications.