Tusekelege Mahenya

UWC attended: Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa (Eswatini)
Class Year: Class of 2021

I was born and raised in Tanzania, and I’ve spent the last two years (2015 - 2016) in Swaziland at Waterford Kamhlaba (UWCSA).

I’ve spent quite a few years in various boarding school over the years so moving to Swaziland for school was an exciting experience. The friends I made and the people I met at UWCSA were unlike any that I have ever come across and hands down made my time there a truly treasured one. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of my favorite people in the world. The Waterford traditions that seeped into me are ones I will carry with me for years to come. It was there that I became passionate about theatre, poetry, literature and social justice. And now these things truly make up the person I am today.

Lewis & Clark’s attitude towards international students as well as it being in the pacific west coast really drew me in. The chance to explore and live in Portland made it even better. I also appreciated their approach to the liberal arts and I hope to major in theatre with a possible minor in English. I hope my time at LC makes me more prepared for the real world, and I hope that I get to challenge and enjoy myself these next four years.