Danial Afzal


Danial Afzal BA ’13, an award-winning filmmaker, has released his latest film, Blue: A Kaleidoscope. The film is based on a BBC report, by Amber Shamsi, titled “How a rape was filmed and shared in Pakistan.” Afzal’s short depicts the horror and trauma of the victims and the ways their community abandons and blames them for their own abuse.


Danial Afzal BA ’13 has directed two documentaries: The Survivor, which focuses on the 2014 massacre at the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan, and Am I Worthless? which addresses child laborers. He is currently working on another short film, titled Blue, based on child sexual abuse and the dark web. The Survivor has been shown at 10 international film festivals and has won three awards. Afzal anchors a national news channel in Pakistan and recently acted in a Coca-Cola commercial.


Danial Afzal BA ’13 directed an award-winning short documentary called The Survivor. The film follows Muneeb Khan, a survivor of the December 2014 massacre at the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan, by the Taliban. Khan’s brother, Shaheer, was killed, along with more than 140 others, and the film deals with the grief and trauma of that event in the lives of Khan and his family. The film has been recognized at FiLUMS Festival as the Best Concept Documentary, and it premiered at the Ismailia Film Festival.