Enedina Zepcan

UWC attended: United World College in Mostar
Class Year: 2021

Hello! My name is Enedina Zepcan and I come from small town Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a child who was raised in the country that went through the war 20 years ago and is still in the process of recovering, I learned that people there still live in the past, tending to teach upcoming generations to do the same. For me to live in the past was something I wanted to escape from, since I believed that having my eyes wide open towards the future is the only way for me to develop strong character, learn, live and succeed in my life.

In 2015 I got the opportunity to attend United World College in Mostar which was the opportunity that changed my life completely. I spend two years living in a community that was based on diversity, sharing my room, meals, classes and experiences with people from the whole world. Learning about different cultures, customs and languages, developing my academic strengths, language skills, interests and my character I realized that UWC was the first step towards the bright future.

UWC experience is different for everyone and it’s special in its own way. I believe that this page wouldn’t be enough for me to tell my whole experience as I would like to. According to that I would keep it short and say that UWC for me represents Family, Togetherness, Respect, Chance, Learning, Understanding and much more, and that it opened the door towards the bright future as it gave me the opportunity to apply to World known Colleges.

Researching different Liberal Arts Colleges, reading about their programs, academics, social life, and the living environment, as the main components on which College experience depends, Lewis and Clark was the only one that satisfied the desired criteria. Situated in the town full of opportunities, offering strong academic program, offering so many opportunities, and being welcoming towards international students was something I was enchanted with. That’s why I decided that I would like to spend the next four years of my life studying at Lewis and Clark.

I believe that Lewis and Clark is the great opportunity for me to continue with developing my interests and to build my academic strengths. After exploring my interests in UWC I realized that I would like to double major in Psychology and Studio arts, since I am completely in love with both fields, but also to continue learning Spanish since I have a great passion towards learning languages.

Living in L&C community I would try to learn not only from attending the classes but also from the experiences of my professors and friends, sharing my UWC experience with the community.  I hope that spending 4 years at Lewis and Clark will result in life lasting friendships, unforgettable experience, strong academic background and the clear picture of the future career.