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Moodle is a Learning Management System used by faculty to provide an online element to their courses.  It is used to deliver course materials, facilitate discussions, manage assignments and provide a hub for courses.  In a few instances for the Graduate School and Law school, Moodle is used for the delivery of online courses.

Additionally, Lewis & Clark also uses Moodle for placement testing and some organizations and offices utilize Moodle for the distribution of secure materials.


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What’s New in Moodle 2017-18


Start of Term

What’s New with Moodle for 2017-18?
Make Your Course Visible (HelpsheetVideo)
Reuse a course/Import content from a previous course (Helpsheet)

Getting Started

Editing Your Moodle User Profile (Video)
Organization in Moodle (Video)
Our New Moodle Theme (Video)

Class Management

Enrollment Options (Helpsheet)
Exporting a Class Roster (Helpsheet)
Manual User Enrollment (Video)
View Course Participants (Helpsheet)

Assignments & Resources

Overview (Helpsheet)
Adding an Assignment (Video)
Adding a Resource (Video)


Overview (Helpsheet)
Add a Discussion Forum (Video)
Reply to a Forum Post (Video)


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