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Connecting with Wireless - Students, Staff, and Faculty


XpressConnect Welcome ScreenThe XpressConnect wizard leads you through the process to download and install software required prior to connecting to our secure network.

  1. Connect to our limited access public wireless network, LC Wireless.
  2. Open a web browser such as Safari or Internet Explorer to see the Welcome screen on the right. You may have to go to an external website (such as to be redirected.
    Select Faculty/Staff/Students to start the connection wizard.
  3. You will be redirected to a download page for our XpressConnect installation wizard.  Accept the End-User License Agreement and click Start. You may get a message from your browser asking if you would like to run Java, if that occurs, click allow.
  4. Download the appropriate XpressConnect installer for your computer and run it.  If you get a security warning about opening files downloaded from the Internet click open.  You may also need to enter your computer login and password to install the
    software. If your computer runs ChromeOS,
    refer to this helpsheet.
  5. The XpressConnect wizard will open.  Start by typing your LC username and password and click Continue.  Do not use your complete email address as your user name.  For example, if your email address is, enter “itservice” as your user name.  

    Security settings for LC Secure and our network access software, Safe Connect will be installed.  As part of this process you may be asked several times if you want to make changes to your computer and may be prompted for your computer administrator password to allow the changes.
  6. Once all required software has been installed, the wizard will go through the process of connecting you to the LC Secure network. Once connected to LC Secure, you will be directed to a webpage prompting for sign in.  Sign into the webpage. If successful, you will be connected to the LC Secure wireless network and have full access to the Internet and LC services.  You will continue to automatically connect to LC Secure with no need to login for the rest of the semester.

In accordance with Lewis & Clark’s network access control policycomputers that connect to the LC Secure network must have up-to-date antivirus and operating system software.  If your software is not up-to-date, you will be notified by Safe Connect. Beginning Summer 2015, computers which are out of compliance will be quarantined,unable to access the internet, until the antivirus policy is satisfied.

Connecting the first time, especially if your computer is not up-to-date with the latest operating system patches and antivirus definitions can be complicated.  Call 503-768-7225 or stop by the IT Service Desk in the Watzek Library if you need assistance.  




Connecting with Wireless - Guests

We offer guest access through our public network, LC Wireless.  Connect and open a web browser.  Select Guest and follow the prompts.  For step-by-step instructions, see our helpsheet.

Connecting with Ethernet

There is an ethernet port (wired) connection for “every desk chair / pillow” on campus.  All you should need to do is plug in, and your computer gets all the information it needs from our network.  If you are using ethernet in the Residence Halls or public areas in our libraries, you will be prompted to download and install the Safe Connect software.  If you plug into the ethernet and still can’t connect, please locate your port numbers (in the format XX.XX) and call or email us so we can activate them.

Connecting your Console

Connect to our public wireless network LC Wireless or an Ethernet ports and automatically connect to the Internet. Consoles that have older wireless technology, such as 802.11b, will not work on our network.  If your device cannot connect via wireless, you will need to connect it using the wired Ethernet network.   

Connecting with VPN

If you are off-campus and need access to on campus network resources, please use our VPN solution.  

If you are connected to our public wireless network, LC Wireless, you must use VPN for full network access to services like printing, file servers, Moodle, etc.

HELP! I can’t connect!!!

If you cannot connect, have a bad connection, or are having issues with the wireless network or Safe Connect, please report the problem.  For assistance during business hours, we recommend you call or visit the the appropriate Service Desk for your campus. 

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