Jorge Alberto Sega


Jorge Sega BA ’97 writes: “Many years have passed since I studied math and physics concepts; much of the theory has been forgotten, but all the soft skills remain. And that is exactly why I tell my kids about the great advantage of higher education, so they cultivate their talents in a challenging yet positive environment. That is L&C for me, that is what I learned … and, of course, the life on campus, friends, pool and milkshakes, pizza on Saturday, football (sorry, soccer), the Pioneers, and my fellow colleagues, many of whom I’m still in contact with via social media.”


Jorge Sega BA ’97 writes: “Guten Tag from Düsseldorf, Germany, especially to my math/CS and physics class of ’97. I am now in the data science business, which has taken me through several countries, but I’ve finally settled with family in western Germany. New culture, new languages, new food, but same old nerd from our college years.”


Jorge Sega BA ’97 sends greetings from Venezuela. For the last few years, he has been running a software business there. He says his math and computer science training at Lewis & Clark has served as a solid foundation for his current work with artificial intelligence. He fondly remembers the good times on campus–living, studying, playing pool, having Oreo milkshakes in the dorms, and eating pepperoni pizzas on Saturday nights.