Christopher Stack


Chris Stack BA ’97 writes: “I made a movie with some compadres–including Merritt Wever, Samantha Soule, and Will Pullen–in June 2021 that’s up and streaming on Amazon and iTunes. Filmed in Seattle and on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. Supremely indie. Run don’t walk to your nearest couch to watch. The press log line is thus: ‘The first feature from writer-directors Samantha Soule and Daniel Talbott, and starring Chris Stack (AMC’s Interview with the Vampire) and Soule (Godless), Midday Black Midnight Blue follows Ian (Stack) as he grapples with his shifting memories of Liv (Soule), a woman he once loved. For Ian, it’s a chance run-in with Liv’s sister (Wever) that sparks a journey in which he has a chance to reconnect to the light and fight his way back to life.’”


Chris Stack BA ’97 and his wife, Erin, are living in Brooklyn, New York. He spent August 2017 in Scotland doing a play in the Edinburgh Fringe Fest. Afterward, he cruised around the Highlands, which he says reminded him a lot of Oregon. If people find themselves in Brooklyn near MacDonough/Throop with a frisbee, ring his doorbell!