Charles Duncan Sanderson


Charles Sanderson BA ’91 is one of 15 inaugural Vocal Justice Teaching Fellows from across the country. Vocal Justice strives to empower undervalued Black and Brown youth to become socially conscious leaders by teaching them how to communicate authentically and persuasively about social justice issues. To learn more, visit


Charles Sanderson BA ’91 was awarded the 2020 Teacher of the Year title for the Willamette Region, an award sponsored by the Oregon Department of Education in partnership with the Oregon Lottery. He is a language arts teacher at the Wellness, Business, and Sports School in Woodburn, Oregon.


Charles Sanderson BA ’91 was named to the initial USA Touch Rugby squad to compete in the Touch World Cup in Kuala Lumpur in 2019. He has represented the United States in international touch rugby competition on three different occasions: South Africa in 2007, Scotland in 2011, and Australia in 2015. No U.S. player has scored more touchdowns in international competition than Sanderson.