Robert Jordshaugen BS ’91


Robert Jordshaugen BS ’91 works in the area of hospital system mergers, where he focuses on technology and operations improvements. He earned an MBA from Duke University and currently lives in Atlanta. His daughter, Susannah, graduated in December from Georgia Tech and enrolled directly into its graduate school in operations research. His son, Hoxie, has recently begun his undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech as well, majoring in industrial engineering with a minor in computer science. Their mother is Jacqueline Miller BA ’90.


Robert Jordshaugen BS ’91 left Portland after graduation, then went to New York, then lived in Moscow for three years, then went back to New York, and finally got tired of the cold. He now lives in Atlanta with his spouse and kids (one is a third-year student at Georgia Tech and the other is a high school junior lacrosse player). Years after finishing at L&C, Jordshaugen decided to do homework again, so he earned an MBA from Duke University. He works in healthcare as a consultant, trying to make healthcare better.