Paul Blaylock


Dr. Paul Blaylock JD ’84 recently received two of the highest honors offered by the University of Tennessee. In October 2017, Blaylock was recognized–along with athlete Peyton Manning and astronaut Scott Kelly, among others–as one of the University of Tennessee’s 100 Outstanding Alumni. It was announced at the ceremony that Blaylock would also be honored in Memphis in September 2018 as a University of Tennessee Medical Health Sciences Center Outstanding Alumnus. Blaylock has practiced medicine and law in Portland for over 44 years. He is remembered as the triage doctor at the scene of the December 28, 1978, United Airline crash on East Burnside, and is credited with saving many lives that night. After 38 years as an emergency room doctor at local trauma centers, he currently practices at his own clinic in Beaverton and serves as a medical legal consultant in cases involving motor vehicle accident and workers compensation injuries.