Ciel Downing


Ciel Downing BA ’98, MAT ’00 has spent the last year tucked away completing a novel. In the meantime, she has earned a celebrated award for her soon-to-be published book of poetry titled To Walk the North Direction. She lives in a cozy forest home with a view of the Oregon coast. Downing welcomes fellow alumni to view her books at or to purchase them from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.


Ciel Downing BA ’98, MA ’00 writes: “COVID was somewhat easier on our community as I live on the border of a forest. There were lots of options for getting out—as long as you count coyotes, elk, and raccoons as social options. It gave me time to write, and one of my pieces was accepted into the upcoming Timberline Review. The downside was the lack of interaction for the elderly, which took a toll on my mother. She passed away in January 2021. Here’s hoping for all to be able to ease into our new world. Brava and thank you, science!”


Ciel Downing BA ’98, MA ’00 has experienced a wide-ranging career that has taken her from traditional therapist, to sheriff (briefly), and to author of Uncommon Knowledge About Common Drugs (which deals with addiction and substance abuse). During a stint as an adjunct professor, Downing found her niche teaching neurobiology and substance abuse and is currently instructing at a remote facility near Tillamook Summit. She still loves taking photos of wildlife and enjoys spending time with her new bride, Joan Snyder.