Anne-Seymour St. John


Anne-Seymour St. John BA ’86 writes: “I keep in touch with, and occasionally get to see, close friends from L&C: Ann (Nuesse) McClellan BA ’87, Sarah Mitchell BA ’86, and Lisa (Aweida) Ross BA ’85, MA ’89. In addition, Barb Masterson BA ’85, Jane Loeser BS ’84, Amy Ross, Justine Miani BA ’85, and Donna Andrews BA ’85 are among the 18 L&C students on the 1984 Greece overseas study program with whom I keep in particular and happy touch, though the entire parea (group) sends each other birthday wishes all the year round since our first reunion at L&C earlier this millennium. Every so often, I get to exchange emails with Stephen Dow Beckham, the L&C history professor who made that major so engaging for me. He graciously responds when I write to him about one thing or another. I just passed the exams to renew my U.S. Coast Guard’s captain’s license, and though I haven’t used it to teach a sea course at the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School since I was pregnant with my third daughter (21 years ago!), I’m keeping it current, just in case; it’s easier than trying to accrue 365 days of sea time again (fun though that could be). Last summer, I started a granola business, selling my grandmother’s yummy recipe at the local farmer’s market, and that’s been very satisfying.”


Anne-Seymour St. John BA ’86 writes to say that she and her classmates from the 1984 overseas study program in Greece are still in monthly contact. Thirty-four years later, St. John met with her roommate from that program, Jane Loesner, and friend Amy Brooks BS ’84 in Oaxaca, Mexico, for a week of intensive language classes, photography, and roommate life.