Catherine Johnson-Ference BA ’83


Catherine Johnson-Ference BA ’83 said she felt especially grateful for the connections she made at L&C when hosting Ginger Irwin Moshofsky BA ’83 and Erika Davis Frank ’83 for a fun-filled visit to the San Francisco Bay Area last spring and again while visiting Istanbul, Turkey, with Ayse Acar BA ’83, Catherine Laflin BA ’84, and Mae Fadaak BA ’83. She thanks Acar and her parents for their hospitality and kindness. “Whether it’s in one’s own community or beyond, reconnecting with L&C college friends makes the journey–and 2019–that much more special.”


Catherine Johnson-Ference BA ’83 tells us that she and her husband moped just a bit once they found themselves with an empty nest this past fall. However, she figured out that she now has even more energy for her work with seventh graders through WriterCoach Connection and for things like Lewis & Clark’s upcoming sesquicentennial celebration. She hopes to see many of her old classmates and friends at Alumni Weekend in June.