Abdulrahman Fouad Mohammed Ali Al Rayyis

UWC attended: Armand Hammer United World College of the American West (USA)
Class Year: Class of 2022

My name is Abdo and I come from the Kurdish part of Iraq.  Describing my experience at UWC can be quite challenging, as these two years have been truly transformational on many personal levels for me. However, the part I enjoyed the most was the people. The kinds of people who come to UWC are dedicated, passionate and loving. Being around people of this sort was the push I needed to follow my dreams and believe in achieving them.

In search of another educational institution that offers the ideals and beliefs I hold most close to me, I found Lewis & Clark. My academic interests are politics, journalism, English, psychology, and philosophy.  I plan on majoring in Political Science; I have always been deeply passionate about politics and I think it’s time for a more knowledgeable approach to politics in my home country, which I aim to bring with my education at L&C.

My hobbies range from walking, hiking, playing soccer to journaling, writing stories and reading.  I’m interested in learning about different places and travelling which is why having friends from all over the globe is such a useful thing. Wherever you go, you’ve got a place to stay!

One of the interesting things about me is that I love jewelry and I love making jewelry. I mostly make necklaces and rings; I will probably make you a piece if you want one!

Most of my travels have been inside the United States. I’m lucky to tell people that I have travelled to over 25 states in the period of two years here at UWC USA. I plan on travelling the rest. The number of states is high because of an adventure I had last summer where I took a bus from New York City to New Mexico. I had to travel through bus because of complications with my passport. However, it was a truly fascinating experience which took me out of the UWC bubble. The only part that I haven’t been to is the west coast, which I think is going to change next August.

I hope to continue growing and following my dreams at UWC. I hope to continue The Late Night Show with Abdulrahman Al Rayyis which is a show that I started in UWC USA that aims to represent Middle Eastern issues from a Middle Eastern perspective.