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Obi Eriza

Class Year: 2021
Hometown: Madras, Oregon
Major: Philosophy (maybe… still deciding!)
Minor: Spanish
Extracurriculars: Kicker on the football team #RollPios

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Open, green, isolated

What’s your favorite class? How has it expanded your knowledge?

My favorite classes for my first year were Spanish courses. In Introduction to Literary Studies, we read over Spanish and Latin American literature and analyzed the text. It was an interesting class because of the psychological material and critical thinking that came with it. The professor, Juan Carlos Toledano, made class fun by always bringing a bright energy to class. Juan Carlos plans his classes out perfectly and covers material very well.

“Come to college with no expectations, have an open mind and explore.”
What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

I was fortunate enough to receive a certain scholarship that allowed me afford the tuition, but before that, I was being recruited to join the football team. I kicked for football during junior and senior year of high school and was contacted later on by LC’s head coach, Jay Locey. After seeing my options, I made the decision to attend Lewis & Clark, and I am glad I did.

Tell me about that game-winning, history-making kick you made this past fall during the game against Willamette.

Towards the end of the third quarter, I was already feeling the pressure way before the score was 21-21. I began to warm up because time was winding down and the team was advancing down the field. Once the ball crossed the 40 yard line, I knew there was a chance of me going in. There were just 4 seconds left on the clock when they sent me in. Since I come from a soccer background I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but I stepped up to the mark and took my steps back. I could hear the crowd cheering my name, louder and louder with every second. Then the referee blew the whistle, and I took my shot. The ball went higher than I expected and it passed beyond the right field goal post. At first it appeared that it wasn’t going in, but then we saw the referee bring his hands up and call it good! I quickly ran to the sideline to celebrate the first home game win in 4 years! I was picked up by my team and lifted my helmet in the air and tried to enjoy the moment. It is for sure the highlight of my first year.

How do you balance your studies with the demands of a varsity athletics schedule?

I am fortunate enough to be the kicker and had my own schedule. I was just needed in the first hour and a half of practice and then was able to leave. Once I get back to my dorm, I shower and begin working on school assignments. That gave me more time than my teammates and made life a lot easier.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Come to college with no expectations, have an open mind and explore.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is behind the flagpole.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Portland?

I enjoy the people and the weather, I don’t mind the rain.

How did you decide on a major?

I am still exploring all of my options and hope to find my niche soon.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced at Lewis & Clark?

I had to get used to living on my own and away from my family. I did not have access to my own car so it made transportation difficult.

What’s your best Lewis & Clark memory so far?

Winning the Wagon Wheel along with bringing the first home win!

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