Ron Ray Podmore


Ron Podmore MEd ’92 produced his first documentary, The Best of Central America, which covers his experiences during trips to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Inspired by the lives and tales of undocumented students in his classes–and prompted by connections with teaching professionals from the region–Podmore says he recognizes a “growing need to change the narrative and share positive stories from this area of the world.” The film premiered at Federal Way Performing Arts Center on November 3, 2023. Podmore is also the author of two books and is working on a third, which will also promote and examine the lives of Central American peoples.


Ron Podmore MEd ’92, an educator and writer in Washington, penned a piece for the Seattle Times titled, “Honor disabilities-rights pioneers by shattering more glass ceilings.” The article draws attention to the growing number of people with disabilities who are overcoming bias and taking jobs in high places as well as the legacy of activism that made it possible.