Pam Parfitt BA ’66


Pam Parfitt BA ’66 writes: “All is well here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but the last two years have been anything but ‘exciting,’ so I imagine there are many of us who canceled trips and family gatherings, and didn’t attend conferences or move forward with projects previously planned. I am just happy to be healthy with nearby kids, grandkids, and friends who are vaccinated and who can go skiing and snowshoeing together, play golf, and cycle.”


Pam Parfitt BA ’66 has, over the last 50 years, taught in public school; earned an MA, which led to social work; and started a school to teach and play the violin. She also founded the Santa Fe Youth Symphony and remains actively involved in other arts and youth programs. After retiring eight years ago, Parfitt says she still can’t get enough of biking, golfing, skiing, and traveling. Most recently, she spent a month in Argentina and Antarctica; played golf in southern New Mexico and Texas; and visited her kids and grandkids in Florida.