Carol Hartmann Iverson BA ’71


Carol Hartmann Iverson BA ’71 taught school in Wrangell, Alaska, following graduation. She married her first husband and had one daughter. After several years there, she divorced and found her way back to Oregon, where she remarried. She taught in a four-room country school (“an amazing adventure”) for the next 19 years. Her last school was a bit larger, but still had the small school flavor. Iverson is now retired but still keeps in touch with many of her former students, some of whom are over 50 years old. Her current passion is singing barbershop harmonies. She has belonged to several Sweet Adelines choruses and has been in at least five quartets. Iverson is a lifetime member of Sweet Adelines International and loves to sing as well as watch competitions and performances. Her grown daughter just joined a Sweet Adelines chorus in Walnut Creek, California, and performed in the regional competition in Nevada, making it a family tradition. She loves to be remembered by her college nickname, “Charlie.” She is called “Chas” by her barbershop friends. At L&C, she says funny names were the norm: Charlie, Squish, Zørch, to name a few.