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Human Resources


Employer: Scott Family

Contact Name: Britt Scott


Contact Phone917.509.8632

Job Category: Childcare

Job Location: 0301 SW Palatine Hill Road

Job Description

Hello! Looking for an occasional babysitter for nights out and occasional pick-up from Capitol Hill Elementary school for a 5 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. Local bike rides, playing outside and homework help. Our house is walkable from campus!

Job Qualifications

Good spirited humans that like playing with kids.

Hours/Shifts: late afternoon/early evening and occasional 7-11pm night out

Pay: $18 per hour

Application Process

Text or email me if you’re interested, pop over to meet the kids.

Start Date: 09/28/2018

Application Deadline: 10/31/2018

Human Resources

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