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Personal Support Worker

Employer: Ariel Balter & Karen Krieger

Contact Name: Ariel Balter


Contact Phone509-713-0087

Job Category: Childcare

Job Location: SE Portland Near. Mt Tabor

Job Description

We are looking for a respite care personal support worker (PSW) for our 11yo son, who is on the autism spectrum. He is somewhat atypical in that he is quite social, verbal, and fun, but has many other typical characteristics, especially when feeling stressed. He has extreme anxiety, low self esteem, and gets very easily overwhelmed. He can be extremely rigid in his thinking and on occasion elevated to the point of being potentially unsafe. This is rare, and usually in direct response to expectations or requirements that are triggers. He is very physical and likes to be in motion. His main interests are fishing, skateboard/scooter/BMX, XBox, animals, and music. Crossover interests could be good. Based on our past experience, he responds to and bonds better with men than women. Some of the main things we need help with are:

* Pick him up from school (2:30)

* Keep an eye on him through the rest of the afternoon

* Possibly take him to activities

* Monitor play with friends and keep an eye out for conflicts

* Help improve his ability to do chores or other frustrating activities, etc. in an positive, effective way

* If possible be available for occasional evenings or weekend days.

The Multnomah County Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities program gives us funds for respite care provided by a personal support worker (PSW). The approval process is simple, and the state pays $14.65/hr. Although the pay is not great, being a PSW can provide paid time off, medical benefits, and other perks if working at least 40 hrs/month. You can also get paid for some travel time. For the right person we would be willing to supplement the PSW pay. Good PSWs are frustratingly hard to find. It occurred to us to see if students in a mental health related program might want to do this to get some experience and also make some money. Being a PSW would also provide an opportunity to learn more about the public mental health system. As part of being a PSW, they would interface with others on Tov’s care team such as his counselor, skills coach, and his state case manager. This could also be a good way for a student to make money while in school as there is a very high demand.

Job Qualifications

1) Experience working with kids 2) Experience working with special needs 3) Education in psychology/social work/counseling/special education 4) Willing to sign up as an Oregon State PSW.

Hours/Shifts: 2-8 hours per weekday. Most of the time 4 hours. Occasional weekend times.

Pay: $14.56 from Multnomah County + supplement from us to be negotiated.

Application Process

Please contact us for more information:

Ariel Balter


Email is best.

Start Date: 09/26/2018

Application Deadline: 12/01/2018

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