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Teen & Adult Engagement: Teen Science Alliance Assistant Educator

Employer: OMSI

Contact Name: Jessica Norberg


Contact Phone503 797 4538

Job Category: Other

Job Location: OMSI

Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY The Teen Science Alliance Volunteer Program provides area high school students with relevant and engaging educational and community service opportunities. The program has two avenues of involvement: the Thinkineers Workshop and Science Squad Volunteer Program. Thinkineers is an entry point to the Teen Science Alliance. In this program, Teens work in small groups to take on design challenges and learn new skills. Science Squad members engage OMSI’s guests by performing science demonstrations and facilitating OMSI exhibit experiences. Throughout volunteer experience, teens receive training and support on communication and leadership skills as well as informal science education techniques and best practices. The Teen Science Alliance Work Study Assistant Educator provides project, administrative and leadership support to the Teen & Adult Engagement Assistant Manager and the youth participants in the program.

EXPERIENCES THIS POSITION WILL PROVIDE: • Co-lead the training, coordination and mentorship of the Science Squad Volunteer Program. • Assist with daily operation support to the Teen participants including coordinating activities and teens, and preparing materials for the Teen Science Alliance demonstrations. • Support, with possibility of co-leading, instruction of Thinkineers classes and programs. • Assist with the interview, intake and administration process of the Science Squad Volunteer Program. • Model positive, appropriate and inclusive workplace behavior. • Support educator in providing constructive feedback and assistance to participants in the Teen Science Alliance Volunteer Program • Assist with program evaluation, implementing opportunities for verbal and written feedback. • Assist with other general duties associated with the program as assigned.

Job Qualifications

KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS/ABILITIES: What we are looking for: • Able to train and supervise youth ages 13-18. • Self-motivated and able to work independently. • Public speaking and informal education facilitation skills • Goal and process oriented, with strong organizational skills. • Able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously with a positive customer service attitude. • Demonstrated experience as a team player. • Enjoy spending time with youth and cultivate positive mentorship relations while maintaining professional boundaries.

TRAINING YOU WILL RECEIVE: • General informal science education philosophies and pedagogy • Facilitation best practices, including how to facilitate intergenerational communication, frame questions, gauge and respond to guests’ social and educational goals, and cultivate learner-driven investigations • Culturally responsive facilitation strategies • Museum safety and emergency response • Techniques for mentoring and engaging teens

LEARNING OUTCOMES: • Recognizing and promoting of science process skills • Fostering learner-driven investigations • Negotiating facilitator and visitor goals for optimal museum experience • Cultivating reflective facilitation practices • Supporting culturally responsive facilitation techniques • Identifying benefits and disadvantages of using different types of objects and models in learning experiences • Gaining knowledge of museum culture and practices • Training on mentoring and instructing youth

Hours/Shifts: Must be available to work Saturdays. • Ideal candidates will commit to 6 – 12 hours a week for at least 1 academic term/ semester.

Pay: $12.50/hr

Application Process

This position is only available to students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study funding as part of their financial aid award package.

To apply and submit your online application, resume and cover letter, visit

Start Date: 10/01/2018

Application Deadline: 12/14/2018

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