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  • October 30
    Shortly after my first day here, I received a congratulatory e-mail from Betto van Waarden BA ’10. Many people fondly told me, “I remember Betto!” It turns out that he and I have at least two things in common: we’re both tall, and we’re both from the Netherlands.
  • June 5

    With a nod to Bob Dylan, when it comes to free speech issues and protests on college campuses these days, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows: in every direction, and at gale force.

  • President Wim Wiewel and his wife, Alice
    February 9
    With newcomers’ eyes, Alice and I have been marveling at the warmth our community shows every day for each other. We especially want to recognize how kindly and graciously you have welcomed us.
  • David Ellis, Interim President
    June 12
    You may have heard: I recently switched offices in the Manor House. With that I’ve gotten a whole new view that has expanded the ways I see Lewis & Clark. I’ve loved this college for a long time—working here for almost 20 years—and now I’m getting to know it in a deeper way.
  • October 25

    Every adventure in learning begins with the hope and goal of a successful outcome. At Lewis & Clark, we build that success with a community of people who are not only willing but well equipped to dare to try something new.

  • May 27

    In the constellation of metrics used to evaluate colleges, the following three carry significant weight: stellar academics, value relative to cost, strong career prospects for graduates. Any president whose school earns recognition on any one of these measures would be proud to spread the word. I’m fortunate to be able to share the news about all three.

  • February 3
    The beginning of the new year and spring semester provides an ideal opportunity for reflection and renewal. At Lewis & Clark, we look back with pride on recent accomplishments and look ahead with resolve to the work that lies before us.
  • October 16
    Portland flies its DIY flag proudly, but even in our city Do It Yourself does not mean Do It Alone.
  • June 1

    The successes we earn are the products of thinkers and doers who flourish in an environment of collaborative inquiry and learning.

  • February 6
    At Lewis & Clark, sharing our knowledge 
is just one of many ways we are always pioneering.
  • October 7
    I am delighted to welcome my wife, Betsy Amster, as a guest columnist for this issue. Betsy spoke to the class of 1964 during Alumni Weekend, and I thought a selection of her observations from that day would be a fitting way to mark the new academic year. — Barry Glassner
  • Barry Glassner, President
    May 1

    My faculty colleagues make a difference in the lives of our students in daily ways and in ways that lead to a lifetime of success. The external validation our students and professors receive proves that.

  • February 12
    A Lewis & Clark education creates vital and lifelong networks. That’s the thought I had after reading this issue’s stories about some of the many ways our alumni are expanding opportunities for current students and increasing the reach of Lewis & Clark in the world.
  • October 21
    Writing is central to an educated life. So it comes as no surprise that employers and graduate schools place a high premium on those who convey ideas through clear, compelling language. Effective scientists, teachers, attorneys, and business professionals—people in all walks of life—are effective communicators.
  • May 28
    One of the goals in our new strategic plan might simply be referred to as the practical application of the liberal arts. Learning for learning’s sake is at the core of what we do, but we’re also committed to building integrated cocurricular experiences. Each plays a vital role in preparing our students for the world beyond Lewis & Clark.
  • February 6
    At Lewis & Clark, we have a proud tradition of moving ahead by building on our proven and rising strengths. We are now poised and ready to go even farther, this time guided by The Journey Forward:A Lewis & Clark Strategic Plan for 2020.

  • September 23
    “When you get out into the workforce, you have to have flexibility. What I learned at Lewis & Clark really gave me a leg up,” Ho‘onani Andermann B.A. ’07 said during our Reunion Weekend in June. She’s a clinical analyst and product informatics specialist at TeamPraxis, a provider of healthcare IT solutions in Honolulu.
  • June 5
    Lewis & Clark students excel at what they know and what they do. But sometimes, like any of us, they need a nudge to explore things outside their comfort zones, outside their usual areas of achievement. That push is a vital part of the educational experience we provide, and it’s something we should talk about more often.
  • January 21
    Standing on the deck of the S.S. President Cleveland, about to sail for Japan, Steve Crow was “scared spitless.” But he was also raring to go, this first-year student from eastern Oregon farm country. Looking across San Francisco Bay, he thought, “If I can succeed in this, nothing can get in my way.”
  • September 16
    The competition among colleges to recruit talented students is now so intense and widespread that the Chronicle of Higher Education recently dubbed it “intergalactic.” Using that adjective as a starting point—hyperbolic as it may be— I can say that our achievements this year boldly take Lewis & Clark into uncharted territory of success and opportunity.
  • May 26
    When the highest-rated science series on television features two of our professors in a three-week period, millions take notice. I hope you took the opportunity this spring to watch Kellar Autumn and Greta Binford on separate episodes of NOVA.
  • January 18
    “So, what did you learn today?” It’s the question that everyone hears after the first day of school, and it’s how my wife, Betsy, greeted me after my first day at Lewis & Clark. I answered right away: “The students at Lewis & Clark are careful readers!”
  • Ronald K. Ragen
    September 8
    To slightly rephrase an old expression, “Good things come to good colleges.” Lewis & Clark has enjoyed two fortunate developments during the past year.
  • April 28
    Interim President Jane Monnig Atkinson shares her thoughts this spring.
  • January 7
    Interim President Jane Monnig Atkinson shares her thoughts this winter.
  • September 20
    President Thomas Hochstettler shares his thoughts on his journey to and from Lewis & Clark College.
  • April 28
    In the course of a single day in March, our hilltop campus experienced snow, sleet, hail, rain, blustery winds, dense fog, and brilliant sunshine. Now, Oregon weather is known for its changeability, but this was one for the record books! As I ventured out for lunch at the Trail Room–bracing for anything the skies might send my way–my thoughts turned to the fluctuations in the global economy and to the myriad creative ways in which Lewis & Clark is responding to the world economic crisis. Although we cannot know what is coming next, I take comfort in my conviction that our community has the resources to weather the storm.
  • February 5
    Like most of you, I approached opening my third-quarter investment statements with some dread. And as you know, that was before we endured the financial markets’ wild ride in October, the worst month in the American stock market since 1987.
  • August 6
    I have always been intrigued by kaleidoscopes. I remember being fascinated by the ever-changing symmetrical patterns I saw through that magical eyepiece. Later on, when I figured out how the configuration of mirrors created those patterns, I was no less impressed by the ingenuity of mind that could conceive such a wonderful contraption and then construct it out of tin, cardboard, a bit of plastic, and a few pieces of colorful glass. If anything, my admiration for the kaleidoscope was enhanced by understanding how it worked.
  • April 4
    You may well be reading this letter at the very time Marcia and I are traveling to Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong, enjoying the opportunity to deepen our connections with alumni, parents, and friends. This is our second trip to Asia in three years. Wherever we go on behalf of Lewis & Clark, our itinerary is always ambitious, our encounters are always exhilarating, and our experience is always rewarding.


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