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  • July 9
    Professor of Chemistry Nikolaus Loening was recently awarded a $297,000 research grant by the National Science Foundation to support studies related to the “molecular underpinnings of life.” Loening’s combined grant efforts have aided the college in purchasing a new 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer, built to study a wide range of chemical and biological processes.
  • August 1
    After years of specimen collecting, venom milking, and proteomic sequencing, arachnologist and Lewis & Clark Professor of Biology Greta Binford and her team have published evidence to put to rest a longstanding urban legend: the venom of the daddy long-legs spider won’t hurt you. Their research appears in the new issue of Frontiers in Evolution and Ecology.
  • July 10
    The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) seeks to stimulate new research through their highly competitive Summer Stipend program, which receives more than 800 applications a year. This year, NEH awarded 82 grants—and 2 of the 4 Oregon recipients are Lewis & Clark professors for their scholarly examinations of Buddhism and Socrates respectively.
  • Chemistry Professor Anne Bentley, in the lab with undergrads.
    June 6

    How do you teach an introductory course to a field that is both vast in content and fundamental to understanding inorganic chemistry? Associate Professor of Chemistry Anne Bentley is helping lead an innovative study funded by the National Science Foundation that unites a group of 20 professors and researchers from across the country to develop a groundbreaking inorganic chemistry course.

  • March 18
    Associate Professor of Sociology Maryann Bylander’s article “A Conflict of Interest” was recently published in The Baffler, a cultural and political journal. Focusing on the flaws of development and microfinance in Cambodia, the article is one of many ways Bylander is bringing her research findings to audiences beyond the academic sphere.
  • Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Rasha Soliman
    January 28
    Rasha Soliman is teaching courses on Egyptian archaeology and history this semester as part of the college’s Middle East and North African studies minor. A world traveler born in Cairo, Soliman holds a faculty appointment at Egypt’s Misr University for Science and Technology.
  • March 20
    Tamily Weissman-Unni has been awarded a grant in support of her project, “Mapping neuronal circuitry in the cerebellum using multicolor fluorescent ‘Brainbow’ zebrafish.”
  • March 20
    Rob Kugler has been awarded a grant to support his work inspecting and interpreting legal documents from Hellenistic Egypt.
  • March 20
    Susanna Morrill has been awarded a fellowship to support research on her project, “Protestant Women’s Birth and Death Rituals, 1780- 1920.”
  • March 20
    Yung-Pin Chen, Peter Drake, Paul Allen, Naomi Cameron, and Jens Mache will collaborate on the project, “REU-RET Site: Willamette Valley Mathematics Research Consortium for Undergraduates and Teachers.”
  • February 17
    Katherine Fitzgibbon has received a grant for travel to Germany to conduct research related to German requiems commissioned by the Reich Music Chamber and Hitler youth.
  • February 17
    Dr. Autumn has been awarded an extension grant to continue work on his project, “RUI: Comparative micromechanics of gecko setae: Effects of rate, substrate, and environment.”
  • February 17
    Rachel Cole has received an award to support the completion of her book project, Personal Effects: Alternative Models of Personhood in Nineteenth-Century Literature.
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