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  • Kemiyondo Coutinho BA is the lead host of the Discover Uganda TV show. A Ugandan actress, playwright, and artistic director of NuVo Arts Organization, she focuses on theatre for social change. Coutinho wrote her first one-woman play, Jabulile, in 2008 and performed the play at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa.

  • Zach Kearl BA moved away from Portland last fall and joined the Bend, Oregon, start-up Choose Growth, a multimedia educational company.

  • Abra Ancliffe BA took part in the University of Texas at Austin’s Guest Artist in Print Program residency in November 2014. She translated astronomical drawings from the John F.W. Herschel Collection at the Harry Ransom Center into typographical visualizations using the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection and the resources of the DESL2 Publication Studio. Throughout the residency, Ancliffe collaborated with students to produce the new works.

  • Robert Blunt BA lives in eastern Pennsylvania with his wife, Danielle Walters ’95, and their three kids: a daughter, 7, and twin boys, 5. He is in his fourth year of a tenure-track job in religious studies and Africana studies.

  • Brian Lindstrom BS has completed Mothering Inside, a film about the Family Preser- vation Project at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Oregon’s only women’s prison, in Wilsonville. Lindstrom was featured in Street Roots newspaper and on Oregon Public Broadcasting program Think Out Loud. He told OPB listeners that he wants to “shine a light on people that we usu- ally put an X through, and show their ability and strength.”

  • Adrienne Inglis B.M., flutist and composer, performed the world premiere of her composition “In Heaven and on Earth” for chorus, flute, and Scottish lever harp, in Austin, Texas, on September 28, 2014. She performed with harpist Shana Norton and the Westminster Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Choir.

  • Bonnie Boyd Shannon BA was inducted into the Portland Interscholastic League Hall of Fame in October 2014 for her swimming accomplishments at Cleveland High School from 1954 to 1956.

  • John Loy BS describes himself as “an aging Clydesdale” who “recycled” himself in 2014 with bike tours in Provence, Tuscany, and Crete. He looks forward to cycling in Ireland in 2015.

  • Frederick Gerhardt B.M., now retired, spent most of his career as a choral music teacher at Hillsboro High School. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1988 but reports that he has “been fortunate in dealing with that disease.” He is married to Denise Gerhardt, who formerly worked in Lewis & Clark’s music department.

  • Sylvia “Sam” Amtmann Kell BA and Rick Kell BS ’64 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December 2014. They spend winters in Tucson, Arizona, and summers in Vancouver. They hope to see some of their friends at the 1965 class reunion.

  • James Kawashima BA and Melvia Kawashima CAS ’65 are celebrating 50 years of marriage. They live in Honolulu.

  • Ronda Stilley Kotelchuck BS worked for two years in the civil rights movement after graduating from Lewis & Clark; earned an M.A. in city planning from Cornell; and then moved to New York City in 1970, where she and husband Dave Kotelchuck still live. They raised two daughters, and Ronda pursued a career in health care policy, planning, and administration. She currently runs the Primary Care Development Corporation, a non- profit dedicated to making high-quality primary and preventive care available to those in underserved communities. She notes, “I love hearing from and about all those early friends with whom we shared such formative years!”

  • Hiroshi Numata BS welcomed his first grandson on January 10, 2015.

  • On February 18, law school alumna Kate Brown became governor of Oregon following the resignation of John Kitzhaber. She earned her JD from Lewis & Clark in 1985. In 2010, the law school honored Brown as a Distinguished Environmental Graduate.

    In 2011, Brown delivered welcoming remarks at the inauguration of Barry Glassner as president of Lewis & Clark. She said, “I can certainly understand why you have chosen to make this place your new home. Nearly 30 years ago, I, too, chose to move from out of state to Lewis & Clark. … It was this educa- tion at Lewis & Clark Law School that opened many doors for me, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

    In 2004, Brown became the first woman to serve as majority leader of the Oregon Senate. She was elected secretary of state in 2008 and re-elected in 2012.

    Associate Professor of Law Jim Oleske appeared on KGW to discuss incoming Governor Kate Brown’s past work as a legislative leader. “She has remarkably broad experience,” said Oleske. “If anyone could step in right away and hit the ground running, it’s Kate.”

    Lewis & Clark now has two alumni serving as governors. Last November, Bill Walker BS ’73 was elected governor of Alaska.

  • Michael Sellers BS has been designing MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games), online social games, and mobile games for more than 20 years. He has also started and operated three successful game studios. Sellers has worked for several notable game development companies, such as 3DO, Electronic Arts, Kabam, and Rumble Entertainment, as a lead designer, executive producer, general manager, and creative director

  • Dale Richards Baker BA has written More Than I Could Ever Know: How I Survived Caregiving, a bronze medal winner in the 2014 Living Now Book Awards. When at home in Arizona, she facilitates a caregiver support group. She spends her summers at her second home on Maui.

  • Renee Rogers Kotz BA is plugging away at her product, Medley Swim Beads, a low-tech swimming lap counter and workout planner, in between consultancies at FHI 360. She thanks her patent attorney, Paul Jorgensen BA ’85, for the legal help.

  • Janice Cox CAS lives on her farm and enjoys keeping up with alums from her era. She takes pride in pointing out that they share a 60-year friendship.

  • Barbara Getty BA, M.A.T. ’78 developed a calligraphic rendering of a poem for the 2014 William Stafford Calligraphy Project exhibit.

  • James Kawashima BA and Melvia Kawashima CAS ’65 are celebrating 50 years of marriage. They live in Honolulu.

  • Sylvia “Sam” Amtmann Kell BA and Rick Kell BS ’64 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December 2014. They spend winters in Tucson, Arizona, and summers in Vancouver. They hope to see some of their friends at the 1965 class reunion.

  • Carla Kelley JD was elected to the board of directors for the Oregon Repertory Singers, a choral arts nonprofit consisting of six choirs. Kelley, who has sung with the group for the past five years, will serve as secretary.

  • Ali Wing Takahashi BA joined Maurices (a retail group) as chief marketing officer and executive vice president of digital commerce. She spent the past 10 years as CEO of Giggle Baby Store, which she founded.

  • Maile Fuller Bennett BS, after graduating with a biochemistry degree, earned a medical technology degree. For the past two years, she has worked as a program manager and client relationship executive for an electronic health record software company. Bennett lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her wonderful husband, Bob Bennett.

  • Janet Hohman Motter BA cannot believe that she is in her 24th year in the classroom! Education is really changing, so she knows that she and her husband will learn many new things as their son gets ready to enter kindergarten this fall. Motter had a wonderful time reminiscing about Lewis & Clark’s College Outdoors program at last year’s reunion and looks forward to checking out the events for this year.

  • Jennifer Kerns-Robison BA earned a PhD in U.S. and women’s history from the University of Arizona. She has been teaching history at Portland State University for several years. She has two wonderful kids: Charlotte, 10, and Samuel, 7. She lives in a 100+-year-old house in northeast Portland and feels “blessed to live in this wonderful city filled with good people, great food and culture, and, yes, coffee.

  • Laura Whittemore BA met a great guy, Mark Fitzsimons, and they just celebrated their second anniversary last fall. Her two ancient cats passed away, so she has adopted two dogs. After working nearly 20 years in retail, she now focuses on copyediting, birding, natural history, and other nature-themed books at her company, Kingbird Editorial. Whittemore continues to teach birding classes every month through the Audubon Society of Portland.

  • Zena BA, M.A.T. ’95, after 22 years in education in America, is serving in the Peace Corps in Mongolia as a university teacher trainer and as a liaison to the Department of Curriculum for the Ministry of Education.

  • Gilion Dumas JD opened her own law practice, the Dumas Law Group, with associate attorney Ashley Vaughn JD ’11. They represent victims of child sexual abuse, both adults and children, in cases against perpetrators and institutions. The new firm also represents small businesses and individuals with civil lawsuits, employment claims, real estate matters, and other business disputes, and has the flexibility to handle certain personal injury and professional malpractice claims.

  • Paula Hayes BS is the founder, president, and CEO of Hue Noir, a cosmetic manufacturing company in Beaverton, Oregon. Her company specializes in the formulation and development of cosmetic products designed specifically for women of color. Hue Noir was recently featured in the Upstart Business Journal. Hayes is also a Lewis & Clark college trustee. (Read more about Hayes in the winter 2014 issue of the Chronicle.)


  • June 25
    Michael Lindblad M.A.T. ’96
  • June 24

    Cal Scott BA ’72

  • Kate Brown
    June 24
    On February 18, law school alumna Kate Brown became governor of Oregon following the resignation of John Kitzhaber.
  • June 23
    Class Notes—1940s
  • June 23
    Class Notes—1950s
  • June 23
    Class Notes—1960s
  • June 23
    Class Notes—1970s
  • June 23
    Class Notes—1980s
  • June 23
    Class Notes—1990s
  • June 23
    Class Notes—2010s
  • June 23
    Class Notes—2000s
  • June 12
    In memory of Robert Martin, Harvey Schmidt, Sara Exposito, Joan Hartzke McIlroy and Susan Galyen.
  • Lincoln Boyd at a book signing with Sen.Rand Paul (R-KY).
    June 12

    Despite popular belief, conservatives exist at Lewis & Clark, and the current student body president happens to be one.

  • June 12
    A miscellany of the new, the intriguing, and the obscure.
  • Jay Locey, new head football coach.
    June 12
    Pio Sports
  • June 12
    On February 4, as part of Black History Month, Lewis & Clark hosted a talk with Sister Helen Prejean, an instrumental advocate in sparking national dialogue on the death penalty and helping to shape the Catholic Church’s newly vigorous opposition to state executions.
  • June 12
    Rev. Mark Duntley, dean of religious and spiritual life, has served the Lewis & Clark community since 1989. The Chronicle caught up with Duntley to learn more about this effort.
  • June 12
    On April 17, the undergraduate campus celebrated a day of scholarship via the Festival of Scholars. Classes were canceled to allow the entire community to participate. The Festival of Scholars is designed to showcase student research, performance, and art from across the curriculum. The festival is sponsored by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  • June 12
    More than 200 guests, including residents from the local Czech community and international dignitaries, gathered outside Fir Acres Theatre to dedicate Lewis & Clark’s newest addition to the campus grounds: Václav Havel’s Place.
  • June 12
    The numbers are in, and Lewis & Clark is one of only 12 colleges and universities in the nation to earn recognition as a top producer of both Fulbright student and Fulbright faculty scholars for 2014–15.
  • June 12
    Catherine Gunther Kodat will become the new dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in July.
  • June 12
    President Barry Glassner has been elected as a national delegate to the board of directors of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.
  • June 12


  • June 1

    The successes we earn are the products of thinkers and doers who flourish in an environment of collaborative inquiry and learning.

  • May 28
    Dr. Susan Tolle BS ’73 is a nationally recognized champion of compassionate care near the end of life.
  • Lewis & Clark College
    May 28
    Lewis & Clark is the nation’s top-ranked college in sustainability, according to the Princeton Review.
  • May 28
    Lewis & Clark creates a pathway for underrepresented students to become K-12 science and math teachers.
  • May 28
    The law school hosts its first-ever food forum, part of its emerging commitment to food law.
  • May 28
    For a half century, the International Fair has celebrated the many cultures and nationalities represented at Lewis & Clark.
  • May 28
    John Callahan, a campus icon, is retiring from teaching. But he isn’t slowing down.
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