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  • Donald Altman M.A. ‘04
    January 21
    When he was a novice monk, Donald Altman remembers sitting cross-legged on a low futon, swathed in saffron-colored robes. As he contemplated his vows, he became distracted by a giant-sized Cadbury milk chocolate bar that was sitting on a nearby shelf.
  • January 21
    Mary Clare drove cross-country over the first 100 days of the Obama administration to capture and share conversations about change.
  • January 21
    Treaties and Treachery
  • January 21
    Love & The Green Lady, Meditations on the Yaquina Bay Bridge: Oregon’s Crown Jewel of Socialism
  • January 21
    Teresa McDowell, professor and chair of the graduate school’s counseling psychology department, has received the prestigious Anselm Strauss Award from the National Council on Family Relations. The award recognizes outstanding qualitative research in the area of family theory.
  • September 17
    Recovering a Lost River: Removing Dams, Rewilding Salmon, Revitalizing Communities
  • September 17
    Wake Unto Me
  • September 17
    The Principal’s Guide to a Powerful Library Media Program: A School Library for the 21st Century
  • September 16
    Beginning this fall, Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling will offer a new certificate program in ecopsychology. This growing field explores the relationships between mental health, well-being, and the natural environment as well as the ways in which counselors can contribute to conservation and sustainability.
  • May 31
    As the high school drawing students take out their sketch pads, teacher Janice Packard M.A.T.  94 pulls out the art journal she compiled in college. The book is flagged with Post-it notes, marking examples of how her journal entries—her personal thoughts, observations, and sketches—grew into ideas that became pieces of art.
  • Translation: Let us plant flowers in our beloved country and save our country from war and turbul...
    May 28
    Each year, Lewis & Clark Professor of Education Zaher Wahab travels to his native Afghanistan to help rebuild the educational infrastructure of the war-torn country.
  • May 25
    Ruth Shagoury’s daughter, Meghan, gave her an unusual birthday present one year: the URL for a blog called Lit for Kids. “I’m always giving books to people. Meg said, ‘You should write a book about children’s literature.’ But new books come out constantly, so I couldn’t keep my manuscript current. A blog was the solution.”
  • Ruth Shagoury with a young writer
    May 25
    Professor Ruth Shagoury helps students of all ages—from preschool to graduate school—unlock the joys of reading and writing.
  • Many clients in treatment for mental health issues are also battling addiction. Are their counsel...
    September 8
    Many clients in treatment for mental health issues are also battling addiction.  Are their counselors prepared to help?
  • April 28
    In 1970, when Chris Mills M.A.T. ‘84 was 15, he took a summer job as coach of a junior baseball team. Rain or shine, he taught elementary-age boys the basics of fielding, switching up pitches, and smacking one out of the park—or at least past the infield. A constant focus was teamwork.
  • February 5
    Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling and the High Desert Education Service District, which serves central and eastern Oregon, have received a grant totaling nearly $1 million from the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Then: Michael Arrieta-Walden as an editor at the Pulitzer Prize–winning Albuquerque Tribune in ...
    February 5
  • February 5
    By Bobbie Hasselbring
    Lewis & Clark’s teaching and counseling programs attract career changers interested in service, community, and systemic change.
  • Now: Jeff Rogers as a mental health counselor.
    January 8
  • Now: Tina Decker as a student teacher at Sunset Primary School in West Linn.
    January 8
  • January 8
    Faculty members, undergraduates, and high school students work together to unearth the basics of teamwork and field research.
  • Angela Nusom
    September 20
    Peel away the layers of the Early College Access Advocacy Project, one of 14 projects taking place through the newly launched Center for Community Engagement at Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling, and what emerges is a picture of students and professionals converging around a shared desire to create lasting change in the lives of young people who were once thought to have limited opportunities for success.
  • Ray Suarez    Photo by Brian Foulkes
    September 20
    Lewis & Clark College celebrates graduates from the Undergraduate College, the School of Law and the Graduate School of Education and Counseling.
  • April 28
    Linda Christensen is a leader in the fight for social justice in education. The award-winning writing teacher and education advocate is the author of two books on teaching writing and coeditor of the journal Rethinking Schools. But, she says, it took years for her to find her own voice.
  • April 28
    Under the direction of Linda Christensen, the Oregon Writing Project helps young writers–and those not so young–find voice.
  • April 28
    Last spring, at a North Portland high school most often in the news for its dropout rate and its gang violence, students sought to redefine themselves and their neighborhood.
  • April 28
    Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling was one of seven schools honored at the Education Trust annual conference for groundbreaking work in school counselor education.
  • February 5
    Television anchor Kate Kelly spent 40 minutes practicing in front of the camera, determined to coordinate the sign language she had just learned with the speed and inflection of her voice.“I don’t know how your teachers do this all day long,” she said to Jill Ellis, cofounder and executive director of the Center for Early Intervention on Deafness (CEID) in Berkeley, California.
  • February 5
    Scott Fletcher, previously chair of the Department of Education at the University of New Hampshire, joined Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling in August.
  • August 6
    Last winter and spring, several graduate students in Lewis & Clark’s counseling psychology department journeyed to India and Egypt to gain valuable intercultural experience for their future work as family therapists, school psychologists, and community counselors.
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