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  • Google Hangouts Chat
    April 15
  • Glick and colleagues after their first "run" on the BLT.
    February 11
    Lewis & Clark’s high-performance computing (HPC) system has been propelled by a collaborative initiative driven by professors, staff members, and students. Although many are unaware of this HPC system—named BLT for its worker nodes “bacon, lettuce, and tomato”—it is paving the way for current and future research opportunities.
  • July 25
    Lewis & Clark’s Office of Educational Technology sponsored a workshop to teach students how to use virtual reality technology in film. Sabrina Cerquera BA ’20 used the technology to plan and execute an original project, taking her creative work from concept to reality.
  • February 17
    Receiving technical support is easy at Lewis & Clark College.  Simply contact the IT Service Desk.
  • April 4
    We are reviving the LC Google User Group in the form of a monthly update newsletter detailing Google Apps news and updates as well as information specific to Google Apps for Education at LC.
  • January 23
    Beginning this term, registered students will no longer need to use an enrollment key to enroll themselves in their Moodle courses, but will instead be automatically enrolled based on course registration.
  • August 9
    On August 8, 2018 Moodle was updated from version 3.3 to 3.5 for the 2018-19 academic year. We also moved to the new default theme called Boost.
  • June 22
    Beginning Monday, June 25, users on our domain may opt in to the new, updated Gmail. Similar to the recent update to Google Calendar, the new look is primarily cosmetic, but also comes with some new functionality.
  • January 8
    Google has recently updated their calendar interface to enhance the overall user experience and help folks manage their time more efficiently.  
  • September 26
    Information Technology recommends you do not upgrade your computer operating system to MacOS “High Sierra” until our operations team has completed testing with our existing applications. Please do not upgrade without an adequate backup and rollback plan.


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